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Junk Bus America's Dumpster Rental on Wheels 
Dumpster Rental - Junk Removal - Junk Hauling

roll off dumpster rental
roll off dumpster rental
roll off dumpster rental

Junk Bus 

America's Dumpster Rental On Wheels

Junk Bus was formed as a progressive alternative to the traditional roll-off dumpster containers.  Traditional dumpsters have the potential to crack or damage your driveway and cause ruts in your lawn.  Therefore, we found that there was a need for a much better option.  The solution – Junk Bus!  Our dumpsters have rubber tires and are on wheels.  They are delivered to your location clean and free of debris and rust.   We take pride in delivering a quality dumpster which will leave no evidence that it was ever on your property.  

Junk Bus IS the solution.

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