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 Dumpster Rental - Junk Removal

America's Dumpster Rental On Wheels

Junk Bus is a  Full Service  Dumpster Rental & Junk Removal Company We will Remove Just About Anything, You Point To It We will haul It. In addition to Junk Removal. Junk Bus offers Driveway Safe Rubber Tire Dumpster Rental on Wheels for your piece of mind We are the roll-off dumpster rental company alternative .
We will drop our dumpster off at your door for up to 5 days you load it up and then we take it away.
Order your Junk Bus Online 24 hours a day

Available Dumpster Rental Sizes

 7 - yard Dumpster Rental on Wheels  


  • Attic Clean Outs

  • Garage Clean Outs

  • Trash Removal

  • Evictions

  • Household Junk

  • Spring Cleaning 

  • Junk Removal

  • Small Remodeling

Staring at
based on location

Our Most Popular

1-5 Day Rental Period
1 Ton of Junk Included
5' wide, 10' long, 4' high

Holds 5.5 pick up truck loads based on 4’ x 6’ truck bed filled to top of bed 

Volume and capacity are approximate 

 14 - yard Dumpster Rental on Wheels  
  • Home Remodeling

  • Roof Shingles

  • House Gutting

  • Light Demolition Projects

  • Tree Hauling

  • Job Site Clean Up

  • Junk Removal

  • Larger Projects

Staring at
based on location

The Perfect in Between size.

Not too Small Not too Big

1-5 Day Rental Period
2.5 tons of Junk Included
14' long, 7' wide, 4' high

Holds 10.5 pick up truck loads based on 4’ x 6’ truck bed filled to top of bed 

Volume and capacity are approximate

Junk Bus America's Dumpster Rental on Wheels 
Junk Removal - Dumpster Rental - Junk Hauling

dumpster rental on wheels, junk bus, roll off dumpster rental


Rental on Wheels

    We Drop Off - We Pick up    Driveway Safe Rubber Tire Dumpster Rentals. Our Dumpster Rental will not crack or damage your driveway. We are the Roll off Dumpster Rental Alternative. We offer several sizes to choose from

  • 6-yard dumpster rental

  • 7-yard dumpster rental

  • 21-yard dumpster rental

All safe for your driveway

   1 - 5 Day Rentals

***** Additional Days Extra

pile of junk junk removal junk bus

Junk Removal

  • Garage clean out 

  • Attic Cleanouts

  • Shed Removal

  • Furniture Removal

  • Construction cleanups

  • Commercial trash removal

  • Demolition Services

  • Office and warehouse cleanouts

  • City code violations

  • Vacant lot cleanups

  • Illegal dumping cleanups

  • Piano Removal

  • Dumpster Overflow 

  • After Hour/ Emergency Services

  • 24 hr Dumpster Delivery​​f

drive up and go dumpster rental.jpg

Drive up and Go Dumpster Service



Our Drive up and go Dumpster  Service is perfect for those areas where a roll off dumpster rental is not allowed. Save money No  Dumpster Rental Permit fees are required for this service. Our Crew will drive up to your property or business you will load the dumpster and we go. For an additional fee we can load the dumpster for you. The Drive up & Dumpster  Service is an alternative to an ugly roll off dumpster

Try our convenient Dumpster Rental On Wheels.

Our dumpsters have rubber tires so they won't damage or scratch your concrete. 

Do it yourself, or have us load it for you.  

Say no to that Big Ugly Roll Off Dumpster Rentals Say Yes to Junk Bus 

It's Not Just A Dumpster Rental It's A Junk Bus

                   Driveway Safe

       Rubber Tire Dumpster Rental

We Drop off We Pick up
6-yard Junk Bus America's Dumpster Rental on Wheels, junk removal, roll off dumpster, junkguysnola, junkguys new orleans
  • Driveway Safe Rubber Tire Dumpsters

  • Same Day Service

  • We Drop It Off & Pick It Up

  • Low Prices - Affordable!

  • No Hidden Fees

  • No Permits Required

  • Perfect for alleyways and smaller driveways

  • Easy Online Ordering

Hauling Junk is What We Do!

Why rent a large ugly roll off dumpster that's an eyesore , When you can rent a junk bus. Our junk bus dumpsters are driveway safe, will not damage your lawn or crack - scratch you driveway, Our dumpster rental will fit in more places that the larger roll off dumpsters can't . We are the Roll off Dumpster Rental Alternative!

Do you want a dumpster rental but can't load it yourself? Or maybe you just don't have the time. We have an answer for you. In addition to our dumpster rental service, we offer Full-service Junk Removal Services, That's right just sit back and relax and let us do the work for you. Whether it is your home, place of business, a storage unit or special event, Junk Bus offers full-service junk removal for all of your cleanup needs. Our professional crew will come to your location and load your junk for you it's junk hauling at its best. Dumpster Rental or Junk Removal & Junk Hauling it's your choice you have options.

Our full-service junk removal is great  for a single item or a full clean out.

We offer after hours and 24 hour service

Whether its a Dumpster Rental or a Junk Removal Junk Bus has got you covered!

Save on Dumpster Permit Fees Try our convenient Drive up & Go Dumpster Service! We Drive up you load we go or We can load the Dumpster for you

yes our Driver will wait while your crew loads the dumpster wait time varies depending on size of the dumpster,

Dumpster and Junk Services

Dumpster Rental

Pile & Dial

Junk Removal

7-yard dumptser rental on wheels

Our Dumpster Rental on Wheels offers an easy and affordable solution for residential and commercial customers to dispose of their trash, junk, debris, and waste without damage to your property.

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Junk Bus LLC

Whether you need to get rid of a single item, or a bunch of things, use our Pile & Dial service to save time and money. Place it by the curb and call us it's that easy.


garage clean-out, junk removal, junk hauling, junk bus

Junk Bus LLC

Ready to clear your space of unwanted junk and clutter? We're here to help! We are the most affordable and most reliable junk removal company in the area.


6-yard Junk Bus America's Dumpster Rental on Wheels, junk removal, roll off dumpster, junkguysnola, junkguys new orleans

Say No to the Big Ugly Roll Off Dumpsters!

Look at the damage that the big ugly roll-off dumpster rental caused to the Surfaces below  With a Dumpster Rental from Junk Bus the rubber tires absorb the weight which makes it safer for your driveway. No more cracked concrete or ruts on your lawn. Don't take any Chances Give us a call today to rent one of our Driveway Safe Rubber Tire Dumpsters 

Junk Bus LLC

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Junk Bus LLC

Junk Bus LLC

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Junk Bus LLC

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Pile & Dial

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